Hotelco International Acquirements (HIA) is a company created through the initiative of hotel developers and contractors whose primary mission is to find a way to simplify and optimize the procurement and logistics of the design and construction process.

Focused on FF&E, OS&E and construction, we offer a wide variety of solutions to our clients, supporting them from the beginning of the project, and becoming strong allies by making our clients’ operations more efficient.



Costumers come first at HIA, our promise is to create enduring bonds with clients so that they accomplish their projects goals time and time again.

Work class efficiency drives every part of our business, wherever we do business and whatever project size (is given to us) we are focusing on a range of service initiatives, including our “EPDP” (External Purchasing Department Program), which consists in integrating HIA to our customers enterprise and philosophy, so we can obtain the best result for both companies. Raising the status of procurement processes, maximizing purchasing power and flexibility, offering the best solutions of a varied range of goods and services committed to your requirements, operations and values.



Becoming the best is our commitment and on-going challenge. We constantly push our limits in order to build a company that will generate growth and sustainable results for the long-term. Focused on continuous improvement; what we do, will be done with passion and dedication, looking to expand to other areas, such as the oil & gas industry as well as food & beverage, so that however different they may be, one thing unites them in common, which is the need for efficient procurement.